We want to run a short campaign / fundraiser / giving day for our organization. What's the best way to do that?

As a nonprofit, you have a couple of ways to run short-term giving campaigns for your organization (like #GivingTuesday for example).

You can edit your existing donation page for your campaign. Modify the donation amounts and descriptions, add program designations that are specific to your campaign, and change out your header logo to reflect your campaign.

You can customize your page by visiting the Nonprofit Services area on JustGive and editing your donation page.

When your campaign has concluded, just log back in to edit your page again to undo your changes.

JustGive also offers online fundraisers for donors, which you can leverage to create a fundraising page for your organization.

Our fundraisers include many customization features: custom colors, photo or video, campaign fundraising goal and real-time progress tracking, a custom thank you message for donors, program designations, custom URL, and much more.

Note that to use fundraisers, you will need to create a regular donor account. But all donations made through the fundraiser will still appear in your donation report under your nonprofit account.

Here's a sample fundraising page we created for an organization's #GivingTuesday campaign:

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