How do I donate to a charity fundraiser?

Making a donation to a friend’s charity fundraiser is easy. Visit the URL / web page where the fundraiser is located to get started.

You can also search for a fundraiser on the JustGive website using the name of the fundraiser, name of the fundraiser owner, name of a couple who has a wedding fundraiser (e.g. John Smith), the fundraiser owner’s location (e.g. San Francisco) or email address of the fundraiser owner.

Tip: Search using the email address of the fundraiser owner for best results.

Once you’re on the fundraiser page, click the “Make a Donation” button to view the list of charities near the bottom. Then enter in an amount to the right of the charity(ies) that you want to support. You can donate to one charity, or to multiple charities at the same time.

After entering your amounts, click the “Add to Basket” button. On the following page you can enter in a personal message that will be included when the fundraiser owner is notified of your donation.

You will then begin the checkout process where you can enter in your payment information to complete your donation. You will receive an email tax receipt immediately after making your donation.

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