How do I create a fundraiser?

Creating a charity fundraiser just takes a few minutes, and the JustGive website will guide you through the process of customizing your fundraiser with a title, description, color theme, photo or video and the list of charities for which you want to collect donations. It’s free to create a fundraiser and JustGive takes care of processing all the donations and making sure the money you raise reaches your charities.

JustGive offers several types of charity fundraisers:

Charity Fundraiser: Raise money for your favorite causes or for a special occasion such as a birthday, bar mitzvah, or holiday.
Create a Charity Fundraiser

Memorial Fundraiser: Honor a loved one who has recently passed, or remember them on their anniversary of their passing.
Create a Memorial Fundraiser

Wedding Fundraiser: Instead of registering for gifts, the couple registers for donations to their favorite charities.
Create a Wedding Fundraiser

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