How can I customize my fundraiser?

When creating a fundraiser, there are several parts that can be customized:

  • Title: Enter a title for your fundraiser like “Sarah’s Marathon Fundraiser”
  • Name: Enter your name or the name of the event or organization that has set up the fundraiser. This helps your donors know they’re in the right place.
  • Description: Describe your fundraiser by sharing some information about your reason for hosting it and why you've chosen your charities. Add any details about your fundraising event or special occasion.
  • Start date & end date: Set your fundraiser to start at a future date, and give it an end date to create a sense or urgency for your donors.
  • Event Date: If applicable, enter the date of an event that your fundraiser is commemorating (e.g. a memorial service or other wedding)
  • Fundraising Goal: If you have a dollar goal you are trying to reach, include that on your fundraiser page to motivate donors.
  • Color theme: Choose a main color and accent color for your fundraiser page.
  • Registry URL: You can personalize your fundraiser URL to make it easier to remember. Example: [don’t hyperlink this]

Photo or video: Upload a photo or add a video from Youtube or Vimeo to your fundraiser page. If you’re creating a wedding fundraiser, you can also include a wedding theme image from our gallery.

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