What if I can’t find a charity that I want to include in my fundraiser?

JustGive’s database includes nearly 2 million, 501(c)(3) charities in the United States. Try our advanced search tool to locate your charity in our database by city, state, zip code, EIN and keyword.

Note that in some cases, a charity, such as a school PTA for example, may not be a registered 501(c)(3) charity. As a result, they would not be in the JustGive database.

Also, some charities may no longer be eligible for donations according to the IRS for various reasons, or they may have opted out of receiving donations through websites like JustGive. If a charity is no longer eligible for donation or opted-out of receiving donations, they will not be available on JustGive.

The most reliable way to find a charity is by searching with their unique Employer Identification Number (EIN or tax ID number). Get the charity’s EIN, usually available on the charity’s website, and enter in the search box on JustGive to quickly find your charity. If the charity cannot be located by EIN, then it is not available in the JustGive database.

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