How do I redeem a JustGive Charity Gift Card?

Visit and enter your 16 digit claim code to begin. After entering your code, you can begin searching for the charity(ies) to which you want to donate. Once you find a charity, click the Donate Now button and enter in the amount you wish to donate.

If you entered your claim code on the redeem page at the start, it should be retained all the way through checkout and automatically be applied for payment. However, you may need to enter the claim code again at checkout in the payment section.

You can use the full amount of your gift card or only part of it (note: the minimum donation amount is $10). You can also donate more than your gift card amount – just use a credit card to pay the remainder of your donation amount at checkout.

If you have a remaining balance on your Charity Gift Card, you can come back to JustGive at any time to use it. Just be sure to use the remaining balance before your Charity Gift Card expires, which is 1 year from the date you received it.

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