What is the Giving History?

The Giving History in your JustGive account contains a record of all of your transactions including donations and JustGive Charity Gift Card purchases. This is handy for looking up old transactions, checking on gift card redemptions, and getting your tax information at the end of the year.

The Giving History area is divided into a few main sections:

Giving Summary: A brief summary showing the year-to-date totals for your donations, gift card purchases, and fees. The Giving Summary will always load the current year by default, but you can use the dropdown menu on the screen to select a different year. You can also print the giving summary report which can be a handy document for your end-of-year tax calculations.

Donations: A detailed record of all the donations you have made through JustGive. You can view the details of each transaction, and even resend of print your donation receipts for a given year. Once in this section, you can:

Access your donation receipts

  • Click on a individual donation to print or email your transaction receipt
  • Click “Print this report” on the top right to print out your tax receipt for the full year

Repeat a donation

  • Check the boxes next to all the donations you’d like to make again, then click “Add to Basket” on the top right of the page

Gift Cards: This section allows you to view, edit, and resend any gift cards you purchased in a given year. Once in this section you can:

Repeat a Charity Gift Card Purchase

  • Check the boxes next to the gift cards you would like to purchase again, then click “Add to Basket”

View, edit or resend Gift Cards

  • Click “View, edit, or resend Gift Cards” to access your Charity Gift Card Purchase History
  • From here you can see the redemption status of any gift card you have purchased in a given year
  • You can also Edit or Resend individual gift cards by clicking “Edit” or “Resend” in the last column

Recurring Profile: This section allows you to make changes to your automatic, monthly donations that you have set up for a charity(ies). For more information, please visit out our Recurring Donations [link to Zendesk section] support center. Once in this section, you can:

  • Change the amounts of your individual monthly donations
  • Cancel an individual monthly donation
  • Select whether or not to cover the processing fees for your donations
  • Change the date of your next recurring donation payment
  • Update the Billing Card on file for your donations
  • Cancel all of your recurring donations and delete the Recurring Profile

Please note you will not be able to create a monthly donation to a new charity through your Recurring Profile. To do that, please make a new donation to the charity and choose the recurring option during checkout.


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