How can donors use JustGive to donate to our organization?

There are a few ways that donors can give to your organization through JustGive:

1) You can set up a custom donate button or link to drive donations through JustGive. Note that when you drive donations through this method, they are not subject to the $0.35 flat charge. Find out how to get started

2) Donors can visit the main website, search for your organization, and then make a donation. Note that when they make a donation this way, donation processing fees include the $0.35 flat charge.

3) Donors may receive a JustGive Charity Gift Card which they can then redeem towards a donation to your organization. Gift cards can be redeemed on the regular website or on your own custom donate page.

4) Justgive has partnerships with many companies to encourage philanthropy among their employees or customers. When viewing your donation report, you may notice different company names in the “source” column for your donations. These indicate the JustGive partner program that resulted in a donation.

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