What fees are we charged for donations made to our organization through the JustGive website?

When a donor makes a donation to your organization through JustGive, we deduct a 4.5% processing fee which covers transaction costs and credit card fees. This fee is deducted from the donation before payment is sent to your organization. JustGive does not bill you at anytime. To view the details of any donation you received, including fees, go to the Reports area.

Note that donors have the option at checkout to cover the 4.5% processing fee for their donation, which enables 100% of the donation to reach your organization.

For donations made directly through the JustGive site, there is a flat processing fee of $.35 deducted per donation.

But Nonprofit organizations using a custom Donate Now button or link will have the $.35 handling fee waived on any donations that come through the button. If you are a nonprofit organization that receives a donation through a custom JustGive donate button or link, the source for that donation will appear as “Donate Now Button” in your donation report.

When the donor chooses to cover the fees on a donation made through your JustGive Donate button or link, the 4.5% fee is applied to the total amount being charged to their credit card. For example:

  • Donor makes a $25.00 donation and chooses to cover the 4.5% fee at checkout. The final charge to their credit card is $26.18.
  • Before disbursing the funds to your organization, JustGive applies the 4.5% fee against the total amount: $26.18 x .045 = $1.18
  • The $1.18 fee is deducted from the total amount, resulting in $25.00. $25.00 is sent to your organization.
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