Can donors make recurring donations through our JustGive donation page?

Yes. As long as you are using JustGive’s nonprofit services, when a donor makes a donation through your JustGive donation page, they have the option to check a box that will make the donation recur on a monthly basis.

Note that donors will be required to create an account on JustGive when they create a recurring donation so that if needed, they can log in and modify or cancel their recurring donation at any time. Donors cannot indicate an end date for their recurring donation.

TIP: You can encourage monthly recurring donations from your donors by pre-checking the box on the donation page. To do that, just add some text onto your custom JustGive Donation page website address. Add the text “&isRecurring=true” to the end of your URL, like this:

When donors click the link, they will land on your donation page with the “Make this a monthly recurring donation” box already checked. However, donors can easily uncheck this box if they do not want to make their donation recurring.


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