Can we customize our donation page?

Yes, you can customize several elements on your JustGive donation page (check out this example from a nonprofit that customized their JustGive page for online donations). You can customize your page by visiting the Nonprofit Services area on JustGive and editing your donation page.

These are the items your can customize on your donation page:


Upload a logo for your organization in .jpg, .jpeg or .png file format. Maximum file size is 512k and recommended size is 950 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.

Mission Statement:

Enter your organization’s mission statement (maximum 400 characters). This will appear beneath your organization’s name at the top of your donation page.

Donation amounts:

Create up to 10 unique donation amounts with optional descriptions to show donors what their gifts can do (example: $25 – provide basic toiletries to a sheltered mom in need). If you choose not to enter custom amounts, the default amounts are $25, $50, $75, and $100. “Other” , where donors can enter their own custom amount, is always included in the list of donation options. View example

Program Designations:

When making a donation, your donor can indicate which of your programs they would like to support. The default programs listed on your donation page are “General Fund” and “Other”. Edit them or add other program names to the list (unlimited). You can also reorder the list.

JustGive Donation Page Address:

To simplify your Justgive Donation page website address, you can enter in a custom ending to your URL. For example JustGive’s donation page is located a, and was also customized to be Both your original URL and your custom address will work for donors.

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