How do I add charities to my charity fundraiser?

At the time you create your charity fundraiser, you will have the option to search for and add charities to your fundraiser. Enter in a search term like “guide dogs for the blind” and a list of matching results will appear, or browse by cause to find recommended charities. If you have donated on JustGive before, you will also find charities listed under the “My Charities” tab.

When you see the charity you want to add to your fundraiser, simply click the “+” button next to it. Repeat those steps for each charity you want to add to your fundraiser.

You can add or remove charities to your fundraiser at any time, even after it is live on the JustGive website (through the manage fundraisers section in your JustGive account).

You also have the option to determine the order of the charities in your list. Just visit the “Added” tab on the Choose Charities screen and drag and drop the charities into the order you desire.

There is no limit to the number of charities you can add to your fundraiser, but we recommend 10 or less to make it as simple as possible for your donors to choose which charity they want to support.

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