What is the difference between the amount donated and the amount disbursed in our donation report?

The donation amount is the amount of the donation made by the donor. It is also the amount that was charged to their credit card.

The amount disbursed is the amount of the donation that your organization received, after fees were applied.

When a donor makes a donation to your organization through JustGive, we deduct a 4.5% processing fee which covers transaction costs and credit card fees. This fee is deducted from the donation before payment is sent to your organization. For example, if a donor makes a $100 donation to your organization through JustGive, $4.50 (4.5%) is deducted for processing. The final amount disbursed to your organization is $95.50.

If your donor chose to cover the processing fee at checkout, then their donation amount will have the processing fee tacked onto their total so that 100% of their intended donation reaches your organization. For example, a donor may make a $50 donation and choose to cover the processing fees. In this instance, the donation amount appears as $52.36 ($50 + the 4.5% processing fee), and the amount disbursed is $50.00.

Note that processing fees deducted from a donation can vary depending on the source of the donation.

For donations made directly through the JustGive site (, source = JustGive in the donation report), there is a flat processing fee of $.35 deducted per donation.

Nonprofit organizations using a custom Donate Now button or link (e.g. donations through…), will have the $.35 handling fee waived on any donations that come through the button.

If you are a nonprofit organization that receives a donation through a custom JustGive donate button or link (e.g. through a web address that begins with…), the source for that donation will appear as “Donate Now Button” in your donation report.

Note that processing fees can vary by source/partner.


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