What are the donation processing fees?

When a donor makes a donation to your organization through JustGive, we deduct a 4.5% processing fee which covers transaction costs and credit card fees, as well as a $0.35 flat fee per donation. These fees are deducted from the donation before payment is sent to your organization.

If you install a JustGive Donate button or link on your website, the $.35 cent flat fee is waived for donations made through the button.

Donors have the option at checkout to cover the 4.5% processing fee (and if applicable, the $0.35 flat fee) for their donation, which enables 100% of the donation to reach your organization.

When the donor chooses to cover the fees on a donation made through your JustGive Donate button or link, the 4.5% fee is applied to the total amount being charged to their credit card. For example:

  • Donor makes a $25.00 donation and chooses to cover the 4.5% fee at checkout. The final charge to their credit card is $26.18.
  • Before disbursing the funds to your organization, JustGive applies the 4.5% fee against the total amount: $26.18 x .045 = $1.18
  • The $1.18 fee is deducted from the total amount, resulting in $25.00. $25.00 is sent to your organization.
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