How do JustGive’s fees compare with other donation processing sites?

JustGive’s pricing is highly competitive with other online donation processing services. There is no monthly fee for a JustGive account, and we offer one of the lowest donation processing fees – just 4.5% - in the industry.

For every donation your organization collects through JustGive, a 4.5% processing is deducted from the total amount of the donation. The 4.5% processing fee covers transaction costs and credit card fees. Note that at the time of donation, donors do have the option to cover this fee.

If a donation comes in through the general JustGive site, e.g., it is also subject to a flat charge of $.35.

However, if you collect donations through your custom JustGive Donation page using your organization’s custom link or button, e.g.… the $.35 flat fee is waived on all donations.

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