What programs and products does JustGive offer for companies?

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, JustGive offers a variety of products that help you incorporate charitable giving into your business. We make your philanthropy a reality with programs designed to engage employees and customers.

JustGive can help you launch a donation campaign or giving day for a specific charity or cause, or work with you on a long-term charitable giving program that encourages philanthropy year round.

Charity gift cards are a great way to give your employees and customers something extra: the chance to make a difference for a cause they care about. They're flexible, and ideal as holiday or thank you gifts, traffic-generating tradeshow giveaways, rewards and incentives, or distinctive sales meeting swag. Recipients can redeem charity gift cards to donate to any charity of their choice.

JustGive also provides donation support and processing for companies with existing giving programs or new companies with a social impact purpose. If your company is already running a giving program for employees or customers and you need help distributing donations to charity, we’re experienced with that.

Visit our Corporate Services page for more information on our products, or read our Success Stories to find out how other companies have effectively used JustGive’s charitable giving products.

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